How we do it

We create an area where ladies can literally kick off their heels, sit back and relax whilst our trained staff, ease away the discomfort of their feet and legs caused by wearing gorgeous but, let's face it, girls, sometimes not so comfortable shoes.

Our ladies will find themselves in scrumptious surroundings, relaxing on chairs designed in the shape of High Heeled Shoes, (yes that's right, our high heeled shoe chairs are exclusive to Footnotes at Delightful Events Ltd, check them out on our designer furniture page); soothing music will take them away from the hustle and bustle of the event; plus complimentary water, essential when you are on your feet all day, is also available.

Your feet will be cleansed and refreshed using our exclusive range of footcare pedicure products, Delightful Footnotes. All of our treatments start with a cleansing anti-bacterial spritz, followed by a foot polish, massage of the feet and lower leg using our foot crème soufflé and finished off with our invigorating Citrus Ice Gel. If it is necessary we will apply dressings to areas that have become open and sore from rubbing and also offer advice on how to ensure you keep your feet in tip-top condition so that you can't wait to show them off.

Our product range, Delightful Footnotes, will also be available so you can stay refreshed throughout the day and indulge yourself a little more once you have returned home.

As a last resort, if you really can't face putting on your high heels again, we offer a range of stylish yet comfortable shoes, such as the Fit Flop, that may be purchased to ensure you can fully enjoy your day whether at the races, fashion show, exhibition or corporate day out.

When your feet hurt it shows on your face. Delightful Footnotes, offers soothing solutions for tired and stressed feet, at prestigious venues throughout the UK and Ireland. Ladies love to dress up for an occasion and we all know that the shoes we wear can make or break any outfit. However looking great can come with a price... to our feet!

The concept for Delightful Footnotes came to me last summer when having attended many sporting events and concerts my feet were beyond coping with any more. Talking to my friends and business associates I decided it was about time that I did something about it. Hence the creation of Delightful Footnotes.  Already we have been booked into many top class racing venues and are looking forward to establishing ourselves as an intrinsic part of the ladies race day and lots of other events besides!

Our Head Office

We recently had our head office redesigned and the grounds surrounding the grounds landscaped by expert asphalt contractors. It is our hope that in the future we will host an annual event at our head office selling products, delivering our services and speaking about upcoming opportunities. Although we are a predominantly mobile business, as we expand we also hope to nurture our roots and reach out to our local and neighbouring customers. If you live in Reading and would be interested in attending one of our head office events, please get in touch today. We also got a new website built for us by the team at Smarter Digital Marketing, making sure that all of our customers have a seamless experience on our site!

Don't just take our word for it, try it yourself.

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