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We have sold thousands of pairs to satified customers up and down the country through our online website, at prestigious events (check our diary on the events page to see when we are at a venue near you) and also through our fabulous Delightful Footnotes Pamper Evenings

We started selling these amazing sandals back in 2007 when most people hadn't yet heard just what a revolution they were to so many women all over the world. Our customers come back to us time and again because they know that we really care about how their FitFlop should fit them and how they perform for them. We have many customers who have suffered for years with painful conditions such as Plantar Faciitus and Mortons Nueroma we also have many customers who have MS and Parkinsons and they all say the same thing, They Love their FitFlop and never want to wear anything else.

If you are one of the thousands of ladies that have yet to experiance just how good wearing a FitFlop is than browse our pages and give us a call we will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding foot health issues and fitting.
Delightful Footnotes® and FitFlop™ your feet never felt so good!

What you should know about us at Delightful Footnotes, is our aim is to give our customers THE best footcare and footwear advice possible. And we believe that The FitFlop is second to none when it comes to looking stylish, being exceptionally comfortable but above all they are just the healthiest footwear product that we have found.

We started selling the FitFlop back in 2007 when most of the rest of the world hadn't even heard of it. And the reasons why we sell the FitFlop is that they just get better all the time. FitFlop now offer a complete range of footwear from the original Walkstar to winter boots, to the FitFlop for men and now a children's range too.

And unlike most other retailers we will ALWAYS stock all styles, colours and sizes that are available, so those of you with smaller sized feet and the taller ladies amongst us that have size 8 & 9 will always be accommodated at Delightful Footnotes.

So if you need to find out more of the technical stuff about FitFlop then read on. If you have any questions regarding how they will work for you or have a specific foot problem whether its to do with the width of your foot or a medical complaint please feel free to contact us either by phone on 0118 9664488 or by email and we will be happy to help.

What are FitFlop?

FitFlop is essentially a piece of footwear. Combined between a shoe, trainer, sandal and flip-flop – you get a great stylish look. You wear your FitFlop just as you would wear your traditional flip flops – so if you are dashing around the supermarket or taking a brisk walk into work – FitFlop are ideal! FitFlop is extra kind to your feet giving them luscious comfort as you walk.

Benefits of wearing your FitFlop..

Get a work out whilst you walk – FitFlop midsole offers a microwobbleboard technology.
FitFlop will tone several muscles in your lower legs, upper legs and bottom. FitFlop triggers an increase gluteal muscle response, increase hamstring response, increase rectus femoris (thigh) response and increased calf muscle response and increased response in the gluteus maximus (bum).

FitFlop sandals were biomechanically designed by Dr David Cook and Darren James at LSBU, and have been reported by wearers not only to help firm and tone the lower body, but to provide relief from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, chronic back pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, lower limb oedema and RLS and to help wearers affected by scoliosis and degenerative conditions.

I think I’ve seen them in the newspaper?

FitFlop have been featured heavily in the national media, so it is likely you will have seen FitFlop in the Newspapers.
Receiving rave reviews it seems FitFlop are pleasing everyone!

From the beginning we could see just how beneficial this new technology could be for people who suffer from debilitating foot pain caused by conditions such as Planters Ficiitis. The amazing Microwobbleboard TM Midsole technology helps to improve the movemnet of the foot and thus assist in the relief of this condition. We could also see how this new technology encouraged the wearer to actually improve their posture because of the fantastic arch support and this in turn helps those who suffer from back, hip and knee pain because they are now standing straighter. Added to this the construction of the FitFlop can actually reduce the impact of the heel strike when walking which means there is less jarring on our bodies natural shock absorber the heel and therefore less jarring on the ankle, knees, hips and spine meaning a far more comfortable walking experience and we haven't even touched on how great they are at working our muscles in our legs and gluts which is why they are hailed as the Flip Flop with the gym built in!

If you visit us at one of our events you can try on a pair of Fit Flops and ask any questions you may have about this wonderful product. Look for the big pink high heel shoe chair! Our events would not be possible without the continued help and support from our partners at Walker Laird, so we would like to give them an extra special shout out for what they do for us.

Brands We Support

Comfort is key when it comes to the Fit Flop. Although it is important to feel confident in the clothes you wear thanks to their style or design, it is also important that your body is comfortable. As well as your footwear you must also consider your clothing. At Delightful Footnotes, we are always on the lookout for clothing and footwear brands and retailers that sell garments providing the support and comfort that every woman needs and deserves. These ladies high heel shoes, for example, are soft yet structured giving optimum support. They are decorated with suede petals at the front to create a sleek floral look.

Don't just take our word for it, try it yourself.

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